Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dalian Translation

Thanks to my friend Jana I have am much better translation of the article I posted the other day. (Too bad no one understands I do not pracice law and therefore don't get that good salary that comes with it!)

p.s. No idea where the "handsome" thing came in either but I'll take it!
p.p.s. Continuing with my wieght blog, yesterday I was 176.5. This morning after my 12miler I am 170.5. Can you see why this is maddening?

Super Runner “No Limit” Run 2193 Kilometers a Year
(One handsome face shot)

Dane Rauschenberg is not only a patent lawyer, but also a US amateur marathon runner “without limit”. Last year, he run 52 marathons in 28 states, a total of 2193 kilometers. Due to the record of 52 marathons within a year, Dane also becomes the third super marathon runner in the world who finishes one marathon per weekend within a year. For Dane, marathon is not simply a sport, it’s his lifestyle.

This is Dane’s first trip to China. He will participate in the 21st Dalian Marathon on June 17th. He said he liked China very much and would like to come to the Olympics in Beijing next year. He also hopes he can help motivate more Chinese marathon runners to enjoy this sport.
What made Dane stands out is not just he runs a marathon every week and works a full time job at the same time. What’s more important is through marathon, Dane is raising $52,000 for the L’Arche, an international charity organization which helps people with a mental handicap regardless of races and social backgrounds. “My plan is to raise $1000 a week,” Dane explained and he named it Fiddy2.

Fiddy2 was formally launched on Jan 8th, 2006. Dane ran the marathon in Disney Park, Orlando, Florida. During the first 6 months of Fiddy2, Dane’s average was 3:29, but in the last 6 months, his average increased to 3:13, a 16 minutes improvement. In addition, he also made a donation link on the website for people who support this organization. To date, more than 26,000 people have visited the website. People from all walks of life are drawn to his marathon lifestyle. Some of Dane’s inspiring words are, “I always wanted to challenge my limits in sport.

To be able to realize my dream through marathon is especially rewarding. Many people think about how much they can get from life, but I think life is only meaningful when one cherishes what he owns and makes good use of it. It is this belief that makes me strong enough to finish the marathons. I believe I can reach the fund raising goal in the near future. Meanwhile, the faith gives me strength and will make things happen.”

Dane graduated from Pennsylvania State University. His busy work schedule requires him to work more than 50 hrs a week. But this doesn’t stop him from running marathons or raising funds for the mentally handicapped people. He raises funds, trains for marathons and shares the details of each race with friends and supporters on the blog. If there’s one thing that concerns Dane, that’ll be the costs for traveling in between different cities. As a lawyer, Dane has a fairly good income, but he still needs to plan everything carefully. But Dane will not give up because of this. He is determined to raise $52,000, he said.

(Handsome Dane with Li-Ning Shoe Picture)

Dane runs for charity, without limit of professions, locations, frequencies and distances. He is a super runner without limit. Li-Ning Corporation donated the latest professional marathon shoes and the 2008 Olympics Mascot. We hope Dane does well in the Dalian Marathon, moves closer toward his charity goal, sets new record and keeps challenging himself.

(Handsome Dane with Mascots)


zdesmond said...

The only thing losing 6 pounds during a 12 mile run says is that you didn't consume enough liquids during the workout. Losing nearly 4% of your body weight is not only easily avoidable, but it is quickly approaching the dangerous category.

Following up on your earlier weight blog and your DNF during the 100 mile run, it is really surprising that an accomplished endurance athlete like yourself is seemingly unaware of the importance of consuming not only liquids, but also calories during endurance activity.

Eat and drink more, man! Faster times will follow.

Dane said...


I appreciate the advice and for reading my blogs. The DNF at OD 100 was more than just failure to consume enough calories and liquid. My crew saw to it that I did just that and more. Rather, 90 degree temperatures, blisters and a decision that my next event was more important than finishing the 100 were the main reasons.

As for Dalian, diarrhea and stomach flu, with temperatures in the high 80s lead to vomiting during the race where no liquids or calories were able to be kept in. I am indeed aware of the need for the importance of the consumption of both but unfortunately here, could not keep them within the confines of my body.

I could go into much greater detail as to the hows and whys of why the past few races were not up to snuff but decided to more or less focus on a description of the race, rather than make excuses.

That said, my weight fluctuates at a seemingly odd percentage during the course of the day, even when I am simply sitting at work, sipping on water constantly.

Believe me, I am not nearly as ignorant as you paint me. Perhaps only 75%. :)