Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Track workout

It got hot here in a hurry. Oh well, that is what it does in the summer.

That said, one expects it to cool off in the evening. One (re: Dane) does not expect it to still be 90-something degrees when you head to the track for a workout.

That said, I love the track. So definable. So finite. (Well, if an oval can be finite, that is). No guess work on how far you have run or how far to go. Right there on the reddish-orange surface (I wonder why that is the standard for tracks? I am still angry my high school, when it finally moved out of the 19th centruy and switched from a 286 meter cinder track[yes, you read that correctly; an 800 meter was 2 3/4 laps] to a 'real" track did not use our school colors of brown and gold for coloring the lanes) it s marked for both your pleasure and pain.

Given all I have had go wrong in June and still I am still not fully right in the ole GI area (and I am not talking go joe!) I did not expect much fro my workout. But I was going.

S0 when I saw we were doing 3 sets of alternating 800 meters and 1200 meters with a 200 meter and 400 meter rest between them respectively, I thought: "Ugh".

But about 30 minutes later, I had run every 800 under 2:50 and every 1200 under 4:25. Sweating buckets, thirsty as heck, I could not have asked for more given the conditions.

The track can chew you up and spit you out. But it can also redeem you. Next weekend, when I shoot for a sub-5 mile for the first time in over 13 years, I will see if this workout was foreshadowing or simply a sign that I still have it in me but need more work.

Regardless, every day, if I want to do so, I can run. So I do.

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Yellow Scuba said...


Running any distance on Tuesday night was a struggle due to that nasty heat, so running a track workout that fast is awesome. You're a better man than me! :)