Monday, July 23, 2007

Northwest Passage Relay Cometh!

I have a few things going on in life right now so I know this will not be as in-depth as I would like it to be but this weekend I will be participating in the Northwest Passage Relay put on by Ragnar Relay, a company located in Utah. The NWPR is a first-run event but on by a company which has already run many similar events already to much success.

This adventure-fest will push me and 11 of my running friends through 189 miles of stunning Washington scenery. Starting in the seaside town of Blaine, my team will head south through farm country and along the coast, ultimately crossing over Deception Pass onto Whidbey Island. The race wraps up on the southern tip of Whidbey in the charming town of Langley. (Some of this was stolen from their page located HERE which includes all kinds of good facts!)

The vast majority of my teammates are people I have met, but there are one or two runners whom I have not and I am really looking forward to this entire adventure. Consisting of 6 males and 6 females we will be competing in the mixed division. But more importantly, we will be there to have fun. I specifically chose the 11 other runners for this team not necessarily for anything than can do on the road but rather for their personalities and likeability. I wanted the adventure to be fun for all of us.

That said, I know we will all be giving the run everything we have so expect us to do pretty darn well. The race starts for us at 11 AM on Friday July 27th and will hopefully conclude less than 24 hour later. If you think I like stats and spreadsheets, you should see the one provided to us by the Ragnar Relay people which is just mind boggling. Punch in a runner's projected 10k average time and *bam*, all kinds of stats are at your fingertips.

I personally will be running the 10th, 22 and 34th legs of the race for a combined 21.2 miles. Like everyone, our legs will be split up thrice leaving about 7 hours of lag time between each time we run. This will be a unique adventure for me as I often find it hard to depend on others in a sport and only once have done a similar stop and go type event. (The only time I have done something similar was where I ran a 15k at 7:30 am, a 5k at 9:30 AM and a marathon the next day at 6 AM. Many more miles but the rest was spaced much differently.)

I am looking forward to a great time and will have all the details for you I can when I get back!
P.S. Our team name is Postfontaine. If you are a runner you will think that is hilarious. Everyone, else, not so much.


klottey4 said...

Good luck.

1L said...

Good luck this weekend! I am so sad that I will not be there. Maybe next year?

Amy said...

Have fun this weekend!! I hope you guys kick some butt!!

KK said...

Cute name :) Can't wait to hear about it! You have a great team so I'm sure you'll do awesome.

Fwump38 said...

Our team is Team N.U.D.E. We will be there. I found your blog when I was looking for a picture. Good luck.