Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tidal Basin 3k

A Runner's Ramblings: Volume 2; 30th Edition
491.39 miles raced in 2007
Race: Tidal Basin 3k
Place: Washington, DC
Miles from home: 5
Course Difficulty: 2 out of 10
Course Enjoyability: 4 out of 10
Weather: Mid 70s, bright sunshine
Finisher's Medal: N/A

As I mentioned last month I have always heard about the Tidal Basin 3ks given once a month by the DC Road Runners club. I wasn't sure if I would be around next month to give them another go so I could not miss making another run at a sub-10 minute 3k here.

Again I was shocked at that number of people who ran this month's edition of the race. There had to be nearly 80 people there.

Once again I saw my friendly rival Charlie Mercer, who was not wearing his signature too-damn-big-for-him blue shorts but rather a long-sleeved black mock turtle neck shirt. He received immediate ribbing and said if he lost to me he was blaming the shirt. I said it would be a valid point.

I saw Ted Poulos, Dan Murphy and Steve Kartalia again who took the top 3 spots last time. But I was feeling frisky. Thought perhaps I would have a shot at cracking those three.

A softly spoken "go" and away we went. Like last time, Steve was off like a shot. I was able to hold off Dan Murphy a little longer this time before he passed me as we crossed a bridge over a river which fed the Tidal Basin.

I heard footsteps and assumed it was Ted. Nope, Someone else. I hung with him for a while and THEN Ted passed me. Well, damn it.

Knowing to duck under the cherry tree blossom branches this time I didn't have to almost e decapitated. We next passed the Lincoln Memorial and ran behind it. Here finally, Ted passed both me and the unknown guy. Then Ted went onto the road when the rest of us stayed on the sidewalk. I noticed he did this last month and wondered if it was a better tangent for the S-curve ahead.

After the curve, I could see both Steve and Dan motoring away over the only bump in the course. Soon I was cresting this hill and looking forward to the homestretch. I felt I had a kick in me but also felt I was already under 10 minutes.

Knowing the straight-away was shorter than I thought I prepared for the final kick. Wait. Why could I still see Steve running? Shouldn't be done now? Damn. Where is the clock!?

It finally came into view and read 9:30. No way I can cover that distance under 30 seconds. I was right. It took me 38 seconds.

I finished 6th in 10:08 which was slower than what I hoped but not too bad. Still an 8 second PR only 9 days after a marathon PR. Guess you can do well in both at the same time, huh?

Charlie did not do as well as last month finishing in 10:30 but this was still better than his previous high. After the race, Charlie said something akin to: "I saw Dane take off like a shot and figured I would toast him in the finish. He did just run a marathon." Nevertheless, Charlie leads the battle 3-2.

Another notable was Tim Ramsey who said the weather and his training are helping him hit some really good times. You may recall Tim from running both Downhill Miles earlier this summer.

So kudos to everyone. Top 10 results below

1 Steve Kartalia 9:23
2 Dan Murphy 9:44
3 Ted Poulos 10:04
4 Tim Smith 10:07
5 Kevin Moore 10:07
6 Dane Rauschenberg 10:09
7 Tom Matzke 10:21
8 Brad Rippey 10:27
9 Charlie Mercer 10:31
10 Jeff Herrick 10:34


Yellow Scuba said...

Great job on the race, Dane. Congrats on your pr. Congratulations to Charlie, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I immediately threw away that turtleneck after the race. Going back to the blouse-like blue shirt. That was my lucky ticket all summer (plus my 2-year-old always knows I'm going running when I put on "Daddee's blue shir'). I have a feeling this will be my last lead (3-2) in the overall lifetime series. At least there's always the downhill mile to look forward to. I will never let you beat me in that race :) Congratulations on a great time, next month is sub-10, and congrats to all the others you mentioned too. And thanks Scuba, for your kind congrats.

Dane said...

Black looked much better on you then your girlshirt.

Next month is 4 days after my 24 hour Race. Pretty sure I won't be running!

Anonymous said...

If you take regularly scheduled walk breaks at the 24 hour, then you'll break 10 minutes at the 3K 4 days later. Take my advice or leave it, this is your final warning. :)

Dane said...

I seriously doubt that it is. But please, continue to misread my blogs. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have that problem fixed. I've increase the font size on my computer screen, so no more mis-readings. Actually, next month is right after the Richmond Marathon for me, so I won't be there either. So we will battle it out in December! I might even bring a super-tough shirt.

Elizabeth said...

Congrats. This sounds like a lot of fun. I did a DCRRC race at the end of September, and found it to be very well organized, and the people were extremely friendly. Great job.