Friday, December 28, 2007

Hilarious quote

In the December 2007 issue of RT, in the Heard On The Run section there is the following:

"Carmelo Anthony says he took up trail running last summer to get in shape for the NBA season. 'I'd get up really early, like 9 in the morning (to run)'."

Poor guy. So sad he has to haul his 5-year, $80 million dollar ass out of bed at the ungody hour of NINE!!

Luckily, Nike sent him several pairs of size 15 Trail Pegasus III+ shoes with the interactive iPod Sensor to motivate him. Good thing. I am pretty sure he would not be able to afford them.

(By the way, retailing for about $80, Carmelo could buy ONE MILLION of this shoe with his recent basketball contract. But don't worry, he could still skimp by on whatever endorsement deal he has. You know, like with Nike!)

Don't get me wrong. Carmelo did pay his dues. He went to all of one year of college you know. That's, like, 8 classes!

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Patrick Marc-Charles said...

I guess he paid more dues than Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. But do you really need to go to college to learn how to play basketball?