Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Following Chad Ocho Cinco's lead...

...I might change my name to "the next non-Sanchez male finisher".

You see, I received the recap from the 12 Hour Race today and it was pleasant to be the only top 3 male or female finisher not to be listed by name.

The 12 hour was dominated by the Sanchez brothers – Juan, Federico, and David – on the men’s side. We’d already seen Juan several times this summer, most recently when he ran to a second place finish at the Headlands Hundred 50-miler in August, and we figured that his brothers were probably fast and tough, too, when we saw them all at check-in. Although this terrain was quite different, Juan excelled once again, leading for much of the day and staying in front to win, besting his brother, Federico, by 2 loops and finishing over 11 miles ahead of the next non-Sanchez male finisher.

For the women, Juli Aistars showed that recently moving into the 50s age group hasn’t slowed her down one bit, as she stayed focused all day and stuck with her predetermined run/walk strategy to take over and hold onto the top of the leader borad (sic). When 9:00 p.m. rolled around, Juli led Diana Rush and Heather VanNes to set a new course record 67.2 miles in the women’s 12 hour event.

I guess Rauschenberg is too hard to type.


Anne C said...

Strange the author didn't use your name. The point of writing an article is to inform your readers... this one leaves the reader asking the question "well, who was the non-Sanchez male finisher?" Those of us who work with the media for a living have a term for this: sloppy journalism.

Laura said...

I don't get why the RD seemed to have it out for you... so weird! It's not like you're an unlikeable guy :)

Anonymous said...

What did you do? Crap on the RD's toast? They really had to go out of their way to treat you so poorly. I don't get it. That's a crock of sh*t if you want my opinion!