Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leadville Marathon Pictures

I received an email from my running friend Jeff Cate about whether there would be any pictures of us at the Leadville Marathon. He mentioned seeing a photographer out on the course and was hoping to commemorate his experience in the Rocky Mountains.

Well, not too long after I responded to him that I would keep my eyes out did I receive a very nice email from Sandi Halverstadt, a freelance photographer who just so happened to be taking pictures of our race. Coincidences are just the neatest thing, huh? Well, I looked over her work and the pictures are just top notch. I knew I had to have my own. Below is me finishing the Leadville Marathon, and then immediately turning around and pretending I was going to go do it again. The poor chap trying to remove my race number in order to keep all the participants in order said: "Not before I get this tab, you won't!"

If you click on this photo you will see the high resolution and great placing that Sandi has utilized in order to get the true essence of each runner. If you are looking to get your own commemorative shot, hop on over to her page HERE. Sandra tells me that on top of the Leadville Marathon she will be taking pictures of Leadville events trhoughout the year. So if you are doing the Leadville 100 Trail race or the Leadville Mountain Bike or any sundry other events, be sure you go to Sandra's page in order to get your picture!

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Melanie said...

Nice 5 o'clock shadow Dane, lookin' good!