Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Me the Bunny!

I was scheduled to have an interview with KJZZ TV yesterday to help promote my bid to be the 2009 Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame Recipient. Getting the word out to the million or so people in Salt Lake that by voting they can assure I win $5,000 for L'Arche Mobile was, to me, the only matter of the day. It was a beautiful day and with the interview outside I was glad to be there and happy for the airtime to let those in the valley know they had until August 7th to vote every day.

I most assuredly did not expect a 7-foot tall Energizer Bunny to appear out of nowhere. At least not on a Wednesday. Maybe a Tuesday, but never a Wednesday.

As it turns out, Energizer had been trying to nail me down for just such a surprise for weeks now but I simply was not home enough for them to catch me. So what better way to make sure that I would be in town then for them to set up an interview and know I will be there? I told them I can count on one hand then umber of times I have been completely surprised in my life and this was definitely one of them.

We fooled around with the interview for a while, took some publicity shots and then the Energizer people gave me some promotional material to help publicize the voting effort. I then bid the Bunny and his wranglers adieu and went about the rest of my day. Not too often big pink bunnies visit you without the use of narcotics, so it was a red-letter day for me.

Photos courtesy of HipFray

There is still time to vote, so please go HERE and click away! L'Arche can assuredly use the extra money as well as exposure they will receive if I am fortunate enough to receive this award and it costs nothing but about 15 seconds of your time each day!

Whatever you do today, Keep Going!


Yellow Scuba said...

Love the photo with the Bunny. What a fun surprise! Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Totally awesome. Good luck in the contest. I'll keep up the voting!

PP said...

Wow, My daily vote looks pretty puny when I see this kind of coverage. I suspect you had a grand time trading zingers with the bunny.