Friday, October 9, 2009

Heading Back to DC!

After living in DC for just short of four years, uprooting my life and moving to Salt Lake City, I knew that my visits back to our Nation's Capitol would be less frequent than I would like. However, with some friends going AWOL and my own personal changes happening, it has now been over a year since I have been back to the greater Washington, DC area. But now I am going back with a bang.

First off I will be doing a book signing and fun run at the Georgetown Running Company.

The GRC is one of the few entities who has been supportive of me from the get go – even before I started running the 52 Marathons in 52 weekends. There was no real reason for them to back me other than my confidence and I thank them greatly for doing so. As such, it is my pleasure to lead their Wednesday Group run a 6:15 and reconnect with some of the great guys and girls who attend these runs. More info here

On Thursday, I move just a few streets down to Logan Circle on 15th and P and repeat the fun run and book signing but this time as part of LuluLemon’s “Run into Runners” program. Joining me at are elite runners Julie Culley, Matt DeBole, Elizabeth Maloy, and Susan Hendrick. There will be food, and people who sign up for Team Lemon will get a 15% discount on a run item!

On Friday and Saturday, I will be joining the Georgetown Running Company at the Marine Corps Marathon Expo once again doing a book signing and helping promote the good ol GRC.
Sunday, will I be running the Marine Corps Marathon making it the only marathon I have run 5 times? Still haven’t decided. With two marathons in the two weeks prior and two more in the two weeks after, I am unsure if my body is ready for all of that after getting hit by a car on my bike back in August. I do know I am happy to be heading back to DC and hope you will be joining me at one of the events I will be participating in.

Also, finally, I may also be doing some interviews for an event I am planning for 2010. For all of those who have been wondering how I plan on following up Fiddy2, I just wanted to let you know I do indeed have some plans!

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