Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drake Well Marathon 2010- Date Announced!

I have been fielding questions with regard to the Drake Well Marathon and when it will be run in 2010 since, well, just about the ending of the Drake Well Marathon in 2009!  

As such, I am happy to announce that the Drake Well Marathon and Half-Marathon will take place on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 at 7 AM. While I will not be acting as the Race Director this year, I will be an Official Race Ambassador and will be present at the race to help with all of the festivities (and may even run one of the races!)

For those who did not get t enjoy the race last year, the race staff put together one heck of a race and received oodles of great feedback both on and  Can changes be made to make the race better?  Absolutely!  Is the race and its staff doing everything it can to make those changes happen?  Damn straight!  Will the race contain two tough hills in the beginning for the full marathon, then a gorgeous run along Oil Creek through the Valley the Changed the World?  You bet your running shoes it will!


With last year being the first year the staff put on such a race, they are eager to improve the experience for all runners involved, get the towns people more excited to have a race which will be returning each fall and put on a top notch event. I am just happy that my hometown, a place with such wonderful running trails and roads which I never took advantage of growing up, has what appears to be a permanent marathon.  The experience last year was a phenomenal one that I know will only get better with each passing race.

So if you want happiness like this, come up to Titusville this fall and run one of our races!

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