Thursday, March 11, 2010

One week from today - North Face Presentation

I will be heading back to the greater Atlanta area a week from today to take part in the ING Marathon and Half Marathon weekend.  I have lowered my race distance for the weekend from the marathon to the half for a few reasons.

* First, I am nursing a very sore calf and shin and am trying to find out the cause of the problem.  Whatever the cause may be, a little less running is assured to help it in some way.

* Second, I have a 100 mile race one week later and I think I can allow myself a little downtime here and there.

However, there will be no downtime from speeches and book signings as I am happy to announce I will be giving both a presentation and a book signing at The North Face in Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta on March 18th from 6 PM-8 PM.

This will be a great kick off to my weekend in Atlanta where I will be presenting at the ING Runner's Nation booth and also have my own booth to meet and greet as many runners as possible. 

Hope to see you at one of these many events!


Unknown said...

My prayers are with you that you find out the cause for your pain and that a quick healing and recovery occurs

inkdmere said...

Mr. Rauschenberg, I hate that I can't make the trip to Atl to see you this weekend! I have a speaking engagement myself & plans to be in the Birmingham St. Patty's Day parade. (Don't ask me why ours is AFTER St. Patty's Day, I do not know) Nevertheless, my aunt lives in Buckhead, right by the golf course, & I go pretty often. It is an enchanting city & I hope you love it as much as I do. I'm serious about making a trip to B-ham someday. Wishing you well & hoping you take care of your leg! :
Your Friend, Meredith Michulka Temples
P.S. Better? (Giggle)