Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Drake Well Marathon Dedication

If you read my blog posting about the Renaissance Half-Marathon Recap, you saw that it was one posted with more than just a touch of unhappiness. When Lisa MacDonald Lee succumbed to cancer, the world lost a good person.  Nothing we can do can change that.  However, the Road ID Drake Well Marathon  has decided to do what it can and this year will be dedicating the races run that weekend to honor the memory of Lisa. We hope that her family will see how much of a lasting impression she made on many of her friends from Titusville and beyond.

In addition, we have extended the low cost of the entry fee until June 21st to allow those who wish to sign-up to help honor Lisa's memory a few more days to make their decision to run either the full or the half marathon. Click on the logo below to register for either of these races.

We were told that one of Lisa's last runs was just a few weeks before her passing. We hope that all of you who feel you could never complete a race of any distance keep in mind how even the longest journey begins with just one step.

Please stay tuned as we plan to do even more to honor Lisa's memory after we brainstorm with her family about the best ways to do so.


Ross said...


Awesome! What a wonderful way to honor your friend.

abqhighsea said...

dane that's really awesome that you're doing that. i was stunned to hear about her passing - what an absolute freaking tragedy....