Friday, April 2, 2010

American Odyssey Relay - Update!

Well, the American Odyssey Relay Race Director, Bob Fleshner, heard my pleas about how this was WAY too hard of a race and something needed to be done to make it easier for me because there was just NO possibility I could run 204 miles.   So he made it 202.

Obviously I am kidding about pleading with Bob but I found today that after some course modifications were done and the re-measuring was finished, that the course is two miles shorter than I originally thought it would be.  Now I only have to average two 101 mile days back-to-back!  Cakewalk.

So, three weeks from now I will already be a day into this race, hopefully somewhere around the Boonsboro High school or further.  I am happy to have Proctor Trivette and his film crew onboard to make a documentary of this excursion and am expecting many highs and lows along the way that will make for wonderful filming.

I am always looking for volunteers who would like to help my adventure along the way as I travel from Gettysburg to Washington DC.  We have a great core crew but if you would like to run along with me at any point, help in the RV or just experience history in the making, please do not hesitate to contact me at

In addition, I am delighted the folks at ASEA will be helping power this adventure.  If you haven't heard of ASEA yet, I will be blogging about them real soon.  Stay tuned!

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Go for it Dane! Crazy miles....but you're crazy - so it'll all work out! ;)