Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It only took 5 months...

...and a random email from one of the other Hangang Marathoners to put me in touch with pictures from the Hangang Marathon but I finally have some pictures.

On a side note, I am going to come out and personally state how disappointed I am with the communication I have had with some of my Asian running contacts. Ever since I returned form Korea (April 30th) I have not received one single response to my emails requesting information about my official time, the number of participants or anything else with regards to the race.

Similarly, after being invited to run in China I have experienced just about the same thing. And I am not alone. I know we in America are used to, and demand, instant gratification when it comes to just about anything but the point of email is that it is instantaneous. No licking of stamps, no searching for envelopes, no charges to make a long distance call. It is bad enough when friends don't reply quickly who you can actually drive over to their house but when you are ignored on a grand scale across an ocean it is extremely infuriating.

So here are a few pictures from the Hangang Marathon that had me on a 2:47 pace until heat,hills and hallucination took over (feel free to read that recap HERE).

Was looking and feeling strong for the first 15k (Wearing completely brand new everything but watch, sunglasses and Road ID. Damn right I had my Road ID on!)

Fighting the wind on the way back.

Not the only one dying.

"It's cool if I go die now, right?"


Yellow Scuba said...

Wow, it's about time! I'm glad they finally got the photos to you, and hopefully you will get your certificate and other stats soon. It was a tough day, but you persevered!

KLM said...

Five months is ridiculous! Glad you finally got the pics though. Nice time for a tough race.

And nice shorts! :)

Brad said...

That picture with the exhausted guy in the background is priceless. Really shows what sort of toll a marathon can have on the body!

Dane said...


They did not get them to me. I ctually went to the site, deciphered the Koran the best I could and tracked down my photos!

Brian Hawkinson said...

Oh that poor guy in the background. He looks so destroyed, and then there is you in the foreground looking strong, despite how you say you felt.

Chris said...

That last finish line photo is a classic. The Korean lady standing next to you doesn't look at all worried about being puked on, but it looks like she probably should be.

Dane said...


Ironically, the need to vomit didn't occur until I tried, too quickly, to replace the fluids I had lost.

Bran and Brad,

I think that guy in the background and I battled until the end running and walking just trying to finish. (It isn't a "walk break", before you say anything CharlieM, if you have no other choice!)