Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekly Mileage

I have never been much of a cumulative mileage guy. Most of you know the story as to why.
* I didn't run much until 2004.
* I quickly got into marathons
* Soon thereafter I planed Fiddy2 and trained for it by racing often
* I did Fiddy2
* *Bam* it is 2007.

I have looked back at my weekly mileage (and I count a week being from Sunday to Saturday; not quite sure I understand the other methods people utilize) and I have never topped 60 miles in a week. EVER. (Unless you count the week where I ran the OD 100 miler. Even after aborting at mile 86 that week was 117.57 miles total).

I did not expect to have many miles this week. I ran a marathon on Sunday and then I turned my life upside down and have been looking for a new job this entire week. Waiting to find that perfect occupation I have filled the time this week going on job interviews and putting every feeler out I can. So when I went on a relatively light 7.5 miler this morning I did not expect to have a weekly total of 57 miles. Technically that is the longest I have ever run.

One of the online running groups I am part of has a "mileage game" wherein groups have been put together and report their weekly mileage. Some of the usual leaders in my group routinely put up 80 or more miles. I often wonder how the hell they can put in all those miles and carry a regular job. Then again, I don't even know if they have regular jobs so I guess I shouldn't assume.

The next question I have is how "quality" those miles are. I am not saying my miles are always the high-quality type. I am simply a curious chap. It would be interesting to see how many runs per week they are going on, what the pace is and what the terrain is. I am always trying to better myself and am wondering if I need to up to 60, then 70 or 80 plus miles. These are all things I will be able to learn next year when I plan to actually train more and race far, far less. (keyword is "plan").

But I am ahead of my modest mileage pace for the year (to run 2007 miles in 2007) as you can see by my handy-dandy running log which is stat lover's dream! (see below)

Addendum: Too much on my mind made me go for another 5 mile run. So the total is now 62 for this week.

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