Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Track workout/ Recovery Drink

With my marathon rapidly approaching I was pleased to see that my club's suggested track workout last night was 6x600m with 200 rest. I figured this would be a nice way to stretch out the legs (which were a little achy in new places after the half-marathon; I think because of the newer shoes I just purchased) and see a few running friends I only get to see at the track.

My intention was to run them all on 2:00 (or :40 200 meter splits). My other runner friends (Dan, Naoko, Will, and Lance) thought they might start around there and get faster. I steadfastly held to my desire not to push them too hard.

The first was 1:56. I and Naoko led this one. Naoko is a very fast and very slight little runner who can totally motor. We both realized we went out too fast on this one. Having never run a 600m before I blamed her. :)

The next three were 1:59, then 2:01, then 1:59 again. I kept waiting for my friends to stat running faster but they stayed right with me except for one where Naoko and Dan finished a few seconds ahead.

Then Dan, on the 5th one started to pull away. Dan is an excellent runner who is shooting for his first sub-3 at Chicago this year. recently turned 40 but looking about 29 he is quite fit and more importantly is just a really nice guy. That said, we have a little friendly rivalry going on. You see, Dan and I have only run one marathon together: Boston in 2005 where we both ran times we were not happy with (3:24:56 for me and a 3:22:30 for him). However, I had a 3:07 marathon PR which trumped his. so playful teasing went back and forth. then he ran a 3:06 at Chicago later that year and now had beaten me head-to-head and also had a better PR. double win for Dan.

When, during Fiddy2, I set a new PR of 3:05:10 at the Johnstown Marathon on the first week of October, I took over the better PR from him. Not to be outdone, Dan ran a 3:01:33 at Chicago. unfortunately for him, on the same day and an hour beforehand, I finished the Niagara Falls Marathon in 2:59:48. (Of course, age grading gives him the edge because he is very very very old. Looks grading gives me the edge because I am very handsome).

So on the fifth 600, when Dan edged past me after the first 200 meters I wasn't about to let him beat me. Not that we were racing. :) So Dan and I ran the 5th in 1:55 and the 6th in 1:56, pretty much neck and neck at the finish. Doesn't matter who beat the other one. ;)

But good job to Will and Lance too. Will just PRd this weekend in a 5k by close to 20 seconds (maybe more).

Afterward I was really dying of thirst and took in some Accelerade. I had been given some of this product last year in the powder form and had not particularly cared for the taste. Perhaps it was my mixing ability. So when Accelerade came out with a new premixed bottled drink I thought I would give it another try. Pretty darn good stuff I must say. Whatever change they made definitely was for the better.

Fully refueled and rehydrated I went home and calculated my marathon pace on a McMillan calculator given my 600 meter pace (I had to use the 500 meter setting). Uh-oh. Looks like I am running a 3:30 on Sunday.

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KLM said...

*Fun blog!
*Glad the Accelerade tastes better!
*Good luck at the marathon. Hopefully McMillian is way, way off!