Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dog Running

It is well-documented I am not a fan of exercise in the morning. However, recently I came upon an idea that would be beneficial to not only my running but to many others as well.

Living across from a park where I often see dogs being run or walked, I thought about what a friend of mine had mentioned. Her dog was getting a little antsy during the day as it was one who loved to run. Unfortunately, she did not have the time to run it. Walk it at night, sure. But running was not her thing.

A light went off! I could run dogs! So now, a couple of times a week in the early morning I will be out running dogs in the neighborhood. It gets my lazy butt out of bed for a nice easy four miles or so, the dogs gets their much-needed exercise and I also get new buddies. I love dogs so much but my current schedule makes it impossible for me to have one of my own. So now I get the next best thing. Dognieces and dognephews!

All the joys of having a pet with about zero of the responsibility!


Devon said...

Ha, I am there with you. Just hope you get dogs that run a pace that doesn't drive you insane :)

My new dog is in training, she can currently run 5- 5.5 miles, but definitely not fast. She is a former speedster, a greyhound, so she has to learn how to go long.

That is a great idea though!

Runner Tammy said...

This is awesome Dane! I wish you around when I had my previous dog who demanded runs of 5-10 miles regardless of how I felt.

Currently our dog is so lazy he would sit by the door and watch you run with his four pawed doggie friends. Actually that might be an overstatement, Gilligan would probably prefer to sit on the couch, eat some treats and watch a video of your dog runs, getting to the door might just be too much exertion!

Take care and enjoy your "running with the dogs".

Anonymous said...

That is funny, because you used to be a paperboy for, what 8 years, and got up at the butt crack of dawn from the time you were like 10 until you were 18. What happened!?
I stopped running with my dog because I can't stand all the pee stops. Also, running with a poop bag is just not fun when said bag is full!

Anne C said...

Will you run me at VA Beach? That would be awesome!