Friday, August 15, 2008

Like the Olympics? Don't care about Commentary?

I have often said I could not stand the commentary of most athletic endeavors on TV. I always wondered what it would be like without it. A few years ago I actually was able to watch a football game without any announcers. I will admit this: it was eerie. However, not having John Madden tell me that "the team that, um, scores more, is um, gonna come out on top today" was well worth it.

Well, if you want to see live streaming video of the Olympics and don't mind having extemporaneous commentary in Danish 9which makes as much sense to me as Madden does), you are in luck.

Simply go HERE. And do the following.

First, click on the television screen in the middle of the webpage. (Unfortunately, if you are a Firefox user, you have to switch over to Internet Explorer in order to do so)

Second, after another window opens, you will see a drop down menu on the bottom left. the 8th option down entitled "Sports TV" is what you want.

Third, clicking on Sports TV will open up new options in the menu next to it. Click on "Danmark Beijing Olympics Live".

, click the play button.

Fifth, enjoy.

I just watched a relatively obscure 3rd heat of the Women's 800 meter semifinals and loved every minute of it. Hope you do too.

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Anne C said...

You're so resourceful :-)