Thursday, August 28, 2008

RWTH Follow-up

It was nice to get a mention in the Green River Star, which stated that not only did the overall winner of the Run with the Horses Marathon break the course record but so did 2nd place and myself in 3rd.

Then I received a nice note from the 2nd place finisher and saw he had posted his own recap HERE. He is the chap in the red shirt I mentioned in my own recap and pictured below.

Two other recaps of the race can be found HERE and HERE. It is very interesting to read other people's viewpoints of the same races you experienced. Truly puts things in perspective.


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Queen Sarah said...

Thanks for reading (and linking to) my blog, and BIG Congratulations on your great finish! I never get to see the really fast people, unless the course loops back around. But I'm very impressed!

It's fun to get comments from other runners ~ it's led me to read a whole chain of running blogs this evening (and now I won't get my laundry done! oh well.) :-)