Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baltimore Marathon Charity Chaser

As many of you know, last year I participated as a Charity Chaser for the Frederick Marathon. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, basically, I would start as the absolute last person to cross the start line and for every runner who I beat to the finish, Ferris Baker Watts would not only give a donation to the United Way of Frederick but also to my own charity, L’Arche Mobile.

I ended up passing 704 of the 721 marathoners including one just inches in front of the finishline!

Well, I have partnered up with FBW again to rehash my charity chasing role at the Baltimore Marathon on October 11th!


With close to 3,000 marathoners alone (not counting the marathon relay runners) I hope to run a sub-3 hour marathon as I chase runners all over the Charm City, picking them off one by one!

I am honored to be selected to do this wonderful racing experience and hope to see all of you out there. Good morning, Baltimore!


1L said...

Hi Dane - just catching up on your blog. Nice run/WIN this past weekend. Thanks for the link on the Bear Lake Marathon as I have never been to Idaho. With St. George on the horizon, I will see you soon.

Laura said...

What a cool way to raise money for a great cause! Baltimore is on my list of races to consider, so maybe you'll get to pass me :)

On that note, I just signed up for Akron, and am really looking forward to your talk at the pasta dinner!

Yellow Scuba said...

THAT was a great day in Frederick! :) I hope the Chasing in Baltimore goes really well! It's very nice of Corrigan to invite you back, and it was a great choice on their part! :)

Dane said...


Great to hear from you. Hope you kick butt at St. Geo this weekend!


I hope I do get to pass you! That means we run another race together. :)


Sure was. You kicked butt that day!