Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let the fun begin!

Fresh off breaking 2,000 miles of running this week far faster than I have ever done before (especially since I only did a total of 2112 miles all of last year; and just 1771 during Fiddy2) I am ready to kick off my fall speaking tour.

First up is the brand new Little Grand Canyon Marathon in Price, UT. As part of the Mammoth Marathon Series (which has to have one of the coolest logos out there; see below), the Little Grand Canyon promised to be a gorgeous run.

I have spoken with the race director extensively and it is really nice to hear how much he cares about whether the runners enjoy themselves. While we know that this race is not 100% set-up for a traditional speaking engagement, we are looking forward to working with each other in a more fluid type of setting.

the race is billed as a "Run through Time" due to its exclusive location and the multiple Paleontological and Archeological vistas. Runners will be treated to views of the scenery such as the two below

as well as prehistoric images drawn by ancient men and women who roamed this area.

All of the run takes place in the San Rafaeal Swell area of Central Utah and I am told it is the last 10 miles of the race which really are the creme de le creme. Since so many races focus on the beginning and sort of forget about the end, I am really looking forward to this entire weekend.

Throw in the fact that my fellow running friend Mike Mills from Arlington, VA will be adding to his marathon state list by running the race also, and it should be a good weekend! (And yep, that is him in Antarctica. Lucky bastard!)


Yellow Scuba said...

Looks like a great race, Dane! I hope you and Mike both have a great time. Good luck with the talk, too. :)

Anne C said...

Sweet, sweetness! Good luck (and kick some ass)!

Bryon Powell said...

The Little Grand Canyon Marathon looks sweet... if only I were in paradise.. I mean Utah.

Anonymous said...

Have fun running through time!