Tuesday, November 11, 2008

7 years ago today

This is the 7th anniversary of the day when I ran my first Marathon. The Harrisburg Marathon in Pennsylvania. It was a tough day and I learned a great deal about myself that day. While it was a brutal day for me physically, running a 4:12, what I learned was not because of the marathon (which did teach me me to not wear a three-quarter lengths sleeved cotton t-shirt, beaded necklace, wire-rimmed sunglasses, and shoes that weren't even meant for a 5k.)

No, on 11/11/01, I lost my Grandmother Roessner . Being the youngest by far in my family, I was too young to remember most of those in my family who passed when I was a little boy. My Grandmother passing, which I did not find out about until AFTER I finished the marathon, was the first time I lost someone close to me in my life. With her picture on the wall exiting my bedroom, I think of her everyday.

It is weird to me that my grandmother, and then eventually her husband, my Grandpa, who would pass in early 2004 and with whom I shared so much of my life, never witnessed any of my marathoning in the form it is today.

So, on this Veteran's Day, I salute not only the Veterans that have helped protect this country (of which my Grandfather was one) but also my grandparents as well.

I miss and love you both.


Ross said...


How appropriate to remember your Grandfather on Veteran's day. We owe a debt that can never be repaid to those who honor and protect us.

Yellow Scuba said...

You know that they are both very proud of you for so many reasons, not just your marathoning. You surely have two very special angels watching over you, Dane. :)

Dondi Leigh said...

Hey Dane, your memorial is poignant and gracious. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, however they are undoubtedly proud of you and your myriad accomplishments over the years. Only SEVEN years, Dane? That's incredible!