Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dallas White Rock Marathon Speech / Book Signing

This Friday and Saturday I have the privilege to be speaking at the Dallas White Rock Marathon at 2:30 PM. A race I ran back in 2006, I will unfortunately have to miss the running festivities this year but am very pleased to announce that I will be signing copies of my book, See Dane Run, at the SPIbelt booth both before and after the speech.

You may recall I waxed poetic (not really) about what a great product the SPIbelt was and I proved in in Tucson by wearing it for the entire 26.2 miles. The SPIbelt is so unobtrusive, not only did I have to check to see if it was still on during my race, in order to see it in the picture below, you will have to click on it and look for the little blue pouch right below my bib number.

Come listen to my speech, buy a copy of my book and walk home with a brand new SPIbelt! It is the trifecta of awesome!

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