Monday, December 29, 2008

Drake Well Marathon - 2009!

Mark your calendars, people. Many people have inquired and now I can tell you:

08.09.09 is the day for the return of the Drake Well Marathon!

While the course will not be 105.5 laps around the Titusville Rockets track as it was when I had to create a marathon to keep my 52 marathon streak alive in 2006, it will showcase my hometown of Titusville, PA as well as the nearby forests and trails.

I recently accepted the offer to be the Race Director for the 2009 edition of this race and am already hard at work to make it a success. Along with the marathon there will also be a half-marathon and a One Mile Fun Run open to all runners.

Stay tuned as details develop for a marathon through the Valley That Changed the World!


Larry Herman said...

I will be the first to register, again. Consider this my entry into the full marathon.


Anonymous said...

Me, too! Well, I guess that means I would be the second to register for the full. And I'd love to help, too, Dane.

Laura said...

I can't plan that far ahead yet, but will definitely consider it! However, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed it's not laps - that sounded pretty cool the way you described it in Akron :)

Anonymous said...

Darn it! That is the day after my due date, so I doubt I will be able to participate! I'm glad you are able to make it a "real" marathon this time. Keep me posted and contact my mom "Queen of Drake Well" if you need anything!

1L said...

This is exciting, Dane - especially since I will still be nearby in western NY state and I have not yet run a marathon in PA!!! Count me in as a definite entry - probably a training run effort - but I am in!

(I will also spread the word in my summer Chautauqua runner's group)

Anonymous said...

I am definitely in. I'm a little concerned with potential course seeing as the town is in a valley and only about 3 miles long and 1 1/2 wide - will certainly be some "hills" no doubt. Being a flat lander now - hills suck. Will have to be sure to run the 3-4 sizable hills around here to be properly prepared. Need any help with course ideas or other preparation- let me know.

Matthew Quinlan said...

I am looking for a marathon in NY/PA area that is enjoyable, yet fast enough for qualification for Boston... I don't expect a lot of elite runners have run the Drake Well Marathon which may explain the top time of 3:06, but does anyone happen to know 1st-hand about the course.... any Personal Best times??