Saturday, May 9, 2009

Holy Softball Pitcher

Nope. No batman like pun here. I just came back from running the Fargo marathon, sat down in my hotel room and before i even showered saw this story about a high school softball pitcher in Connecticut.

Rachele Fico is her name. And pitching is her game. Or more accurately, playing catch with catcher is her game. She has thrown 25 perfect games (meaning no batter made it to first base for ANY reason be it walk, run, error etc), 46 no hitters, has a career high school record of 93 wins and two loses. Her ERA is .006.

Oh yeah, she is also her school's only pitcher. This is where a collective ARE YOU KIDDING ME crept into my mind. still caked in sweat and salt and funk from my marathon, desperately needing to shower, I began to google this girl. I am dumbfounded.

She has given up2-3 hits this entire SEASON. Her teammates often will go games before they even need to field the ball. In her most recent game, she faces 21 batters and struck out every single one of them.

Rachele, you are my new hero. Knock them dead at LSU this fall. (Now, seriously, I need to shower).


Jason said...

Very neat blog. I would love to somehow use running to make a living. You are an inspiration. Also neat story about the softball player.

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

Wow, that is impressive! Although I have to wonder if her teammates get bored standing out there in the field?