Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sawtooth Relay - Dane's version

In a previous posting about a speech I gave in Boise, I made mention of something I had brewing for this summer involving Shu's Idaho Running Company in Boise, ID. Well, many of my faithful readers wondered what this event may be but never really checked my upcoming schedule (which I always tell my friends is up-to-date and always contains information that usually answers their questions). Well after a week of having this information posted and still receiving "So when are you going to tell us what you are ding in June?" emails, I guess I need to do a posting about it!

On June 13th, from Stanley to Ketchum, two towns in Idaho, the 61.9 mile Sawtooth Relay takes place. Six teammates, each running two 5 mile legs (approximately) will battle it out. I, however, will be running it solo.

This isn't the most novel thing in the world. People have been running long-distance relays solo for years. In fact, the Sawtooth Relay actually has an option for solo runs. This actually made me quite pleased since I now did not have to petition the RD to allow me to run it solo. However, I will be petitioning him to add .2 of a mile to the race. Why? Well, right now it sits just shy of a quarter of a mile short of being a full 100k (62.1 miles) and I figured since I am going to be running so darn long I might as well get an official 100k time out of this!

(ADDENDUM: I unfortunately was not able to persuade the race director to add 400 yards or so to make this race a true 100k. I am disappointed as I have a feeling there is plenty of real estate in the middle of Idaho to find 400 yards extra but I am nonetheless still running the race.)

I will be running under the Shu's logo and name and am proud to represent such a great store. When I was on my run the day before the Pittsburgh Marathon with Bill Rodgers, I mentioned how I had been in Boise recently. "I hope you were at Shu's!" Bill said. If you need any further recommendation of a place, then I have no idea what I can give you!

In case you are wondering, this is not just going to be 62 miles of running. I wish! No, there will be 3694.5 ft of climbing and 4241.3 ft of downhill (the race website has slightly different numbers - I am going by my map below), all in the 6,500-8,500 feet above sea level range. Ouch. Look at that hill at the halfway point (click to enlarge it). I am pretty sure I will be crying.

All my logistics for crew have not been worked out yet but if you are willing and able to give a little assistance that day, let me know. Every one of my crew members will receive a gift certificate for a free pair of Spira shoes of their choosing! How is that for incentive?!
So get in touch with me and let's go do some running in Idaho!


Sue said...

Hi Dane,

I can't be your crew but can be your long-distance crew and will be cheering for you on your 100k adventure. As prompted by your recent post, I looked at your upcoming schedule. Leadville?!?! I just read that chapter in your book. Going back for more, huh? I'm enjoying the book immensely!

Sue (from Pgh marathon!)

Seth said...

Hell Yeah Dane!!!! I will see you there! Where are you staying the night before? Who is crewing for you?

Seth said...

Woops. I should have read the whole post first. I've got a team running so I'm not sure what I could do to help. I would really like to help out though if we could make the logistics fly.


Monica said...

I would crew for you but you don't want me there. Meanie. ;) I WILL figure this out... no worries! I will make your cuisine and have someone volunteer to be your crew person. I've called Shu, Brit, Liz, Mike and a few others. Mike said he would do it, so there you go.