Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This one is taking a little while!

I guess that makes sense since not only did I run 62 miles on Saturday but that was just two weeks removed from a nice stretch of 8 marathons in 7 weeks. However, I went for a run yesterday after two days off and I am feeling surprisingly well. A bit tired but well.

You may recall that I wrote an article on Marathon Recovery Techniques for Running Times Magazine last June. Well, I am happy to admit that my advice continues to work for me.

First off, while I did not go for a run the exact day after the Sawtooth Relay (I had a 4 hour drive after the race and then a 5 hour drive back home the next day, that left me quite sore and stiff) I did go for a short run on Monday morning. A local ABC affiliate was doing a segment on me (and the reasoning why I will be announcing in the next few weeks), so they needed some footage of me running. After I laced up the shoes and did a little trotting back and forth for their cameras, I fit in another mile or two before calling it a day. For me, there is nothing like getting back out there, even for the shortest of distances, to begin the repairs on the body. Note however, this may not be the best recovery technique for you. I have just found that it works well for me.

With my newly acquired blender, I am doing step 2 which is to eat healthy. The desire to really pig out is huge after such a long race but this is where you get to really attack the crap in your system and take advantage of your hard work. When people say they have "earned" the right to eat bad I always think that they have earned the right to continue on the healthy path as well. Take advantage of that and repair your body with good food (yummy banana and strawberry and blueberry shakes made with 100% apple juice are doing it for me!)

Finally, I am getting a massage today. Making sure that I did not get it too soon after finishing the race, which I think is detrimental (note: a post-race quickie rub down is ok) this full-length massage will really put the finishing touches on getting me ready to run again.

And since I am going for a run with Dick Beardsley Friday morning, I better be ready! (And if you read my article, you will see Dick likes the post race recovery jog too!)


Anonymous said...

Nicely said.

Chris said...

The local newspaper sports guy wanted to get some pictures of me running for the article he wrote about me qualifying for Boston (the article in which he managed to spell my last name wrong....repeatedly). When I told him that I usually run at 4 AM, he decided that a nice picture of me standing in my front yard would suffice:).

Have fun running with Dick. I hear he ran the day after the Duel in the Sun. Incredible.

Teresa said...

62 miles! I get tired just reading your blog! Good for you. Curious to see what's in store with this reporter, but I will wait to see. Thanks for the link to your marathon recovery tips. I'm running my first half marathon next week so we'll see if I can put those tips to use.