Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sawtooth Relay Approaching!

About a month ago I revealed plans to run the Sawtooth Relay solo HERE. While I was unsuccessful in my attempt to persuade the race director to increase the race distance from 61.9 miles to 62.1 to make it my first official attempt at a 100k distance, I am excited nonetheless. And to be honest, given the elevation at which this 100k takes place, and the highest point to which it rises, I will be happy to take it "easy" as this race takes me through the Galena Summit of Central Idaho.

The "break" I had in racing last weekend was sorely needed. I was absolutely whooped after finishing my birthday run in San Diego. The 8 marathons in a row really but a hurting on me. However, I am feeling upbeat and excited about taking on teams of 5 (and a few other solo runners as well!) through what promises to b a beautiful run through the Sawtooth Mountains.

An unusual cold and rainy front is striking the area in the days before the race. I am looking forward to the chillier temperatures (high of 59 degrees) as 10 hours of running in direct sunlight through the desert could just decimate me. However, I am hoping the rain holds off to keep me and the other runners nice and dry.

All in all it should be a wonderful event. check back here sometime this weekend for my recap!

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