Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

The titles of this posting seems to be a joke but I guarantee you I am 100% serious. Well, maybe 97%. But this product truly does exist and continuing with my Can't-Run-So-I-Am-Catching-Up-On-Product-Reviews section I bring you my review of Anti Monkey Butt Powder.

As I have mentioned on a variety of occasions, when I workout, run, think about working out or watch other people workout, I sweat. A great deal. I am told it is healthy and it sure makes me feel like I have done a great bit of hard effort but the fact remains I sweat. Sweating leads to chafing and over a marathon distance or longer, chafing is BAD.

Fortunately, upon my move from the greater Washington DC area to Salt Lake City, one of the wonderful things I learned about the high desert climate was the low humidity. It can somehow make a 90 degree day very bearable as rivulets of sweat are no longer coursing down my body the moment I step outside. As such, I have been fortunate enough to not need to worry about chafing when I am home. But if you just look to the sidebar of my blog here, you can see I am not home that often. And Many times I am in places with lots of humidity.

I received some Anti Monkey Butt Powder in the mail from the kind folks at the company the day I got home after spending the 4th of July in Florida. I could have used it down there no doubt! But my racing schedule was rather lax and my travel schedule much greater in July and August so I did not really get a chance to put it to good testing use.

When I went to Pikes Peak to, I thought, ONLY do the expo, for whatever reason I also packed the Anti Monkey Butt Powder. (I am enjoying typing that by the way.) I must have somehow known I was going to run the marathon. Now, Pikes Peak has very little humidity as well so I knew there was not going to be much need to talc up my lower regions. However, Pikes Peak has seven thousand feet of downhill running and I know that I have a tendency to develop hotspots when I run such steep downhills.

So, into the shoes my AMBP(what the cool kids call it) went. And in spite of the fact that I looked like I had been hit by shrapnel when I finished the race, one thing that I didn't have a problem with were blisters from sweaty feet and slippage.

Would I need to do a little more field-testing before I can say that it will cure cancer? Sure. But if it can stand up to the rigors of a 180 pound man, going down the side of a mountain with major hitch in my giddyup because of the tumble I took at mile 15 I would have to say that it will help you out as well!

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Anonymous said...

I feel like a 12 year old but reading this made me giggle. A lot.