Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grand Teton Races

While I was able to complete my goal of running my 100th marathon at the Pikes Peak Marathon this last weekend, I did so by paying a price. Fortunately the tumble I took did not injure my already separated shoulder any more than it already was. Unfortunately, I have laid the smackdown not only on my knee and ankle but also my ribs and my hip. Suffice it to say, I am hurting.
To clear up confusion, this is my hip. Ouch, huh?

As such, a re-evaluation of plans was in store. Speaking with my friend, Lisa Smith-Batchen, I was honored when she invited me to come to her weekend of racing in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming.

Prior to my injury I was supposed to be visiting here this week anyway and we figured there was no better time to reschedule them to have me come up on the Labor Day weekend to help kick off a fantastic series of races: The Grand Teton Races!

In its 4th year, all told this weekend of racing has something for everyone: Kids races, a 10k, a trail marathon, a 50 mile race and a 100 mile race. And if you aren't a runner (and I have to say I am flattered you are reading this!) then simply head over to the Grand Targhee Resort for a massage or a swim or ride the chair lift to the top of Fred's mountain!

I will not be racing, or better yet, I SHOULD not be racing. A little over two weeks from today, I am sure that I will be in no shape to even think about running. And even if I will be healed I will be in no shape to tackle to races being put on. Instead, I will be in the Grand Teton Mountains to sign copies of See Dane Run for all of the runners there. I will also be scoping out the races as I fully intend to be there next year and give the winners a run for their money.

Now, the only question which remains is will I be doing the marathon, the 50 miler or the century? Hmm.


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Dane!

We are thrilled you are coming:)


Bryon Powell said...

See ya up at the Grand Teton races, Dane.

Darin Swanson said...

So what?! exactly is the first picture a picture of??? :-)

Dane said...


The pleasure is mine!


It has been too long.


My screwed up hip. Pikes Peak won that battle

Jeff O'Hara said...

Well well well.... im in pain just looking at the first picture BUT the Universe obviously decided you needed to do this... and acomplish your goals, amazed - Im now just waiting for how you will top this one!


Stephanie Estridge said...

Sooooo... I definitely just saw you at the Park City Marathon, but I don't see it on your schedule! Whats up there?