Saturday, August 22, 2009

Come on Nebraska!

Was checking out my page views today for my blog and I noticed in the last week, no one from Nebraska had looked at the DaneGer Zone. I am hurt! This couldn't be because after the Cornhuskers stole the National Football championship from Penn State following the 1994 season I wore a Nuck Febraska t-shirt around for a whole week is it? (I still own that shirt and WILL whip it out soon. Don't tempt me!)

Spending the weekend healing and signing books at the Park City Marathon expo. Going to try and track down someone from Nebraska simply so they will look at my site. Details later.


Ross said...

Proud to say that Colorado supports the DaneGer Zone.

Go Buffs :)

Cari said...

Hey, I'm a Nebraska native (Omaha) and PROUD NU grad! Go Huskers!!! (Sorry Penn State, CU, and all those other schools we used to soundly beat. But, we ARE still rebuilding our program ... oh how the mighty fell.)

So, does this count?

Dane said...

Only counts if you are in Nebraska when you view it, Cari. As for soundly beating *ahem* please.

Last meeting, and I quote:

"25th-ranked Penn State easily disposed of seventh-ranked Nebraska, 40-7"

Stephanie Estridge said...

hahaha that's ridiculous. Slash kind of funny... how does one make this map???

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who lives in Nebraska. Do you want me to send him the link?

andyamo said...

As a Penn Stater who has actually run in Nebraska, let me simply say that I hope poll voters are as kind to JoePa before he retires as they were to Tom Osborne in 1994. Kerry Collins then led what is widely acclaimed as the best offense in modern college football history. And he's still leading pro teams to championship games. What has Nebraska got that measures up to that?