Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running for the Bay Marathon

Just two weeks after I travel to Wichita to take part in the inaugural Prairie Fire Wichita Marathon, I will find myself in Apalachicola Bay, Florida to help start another new race weekend: the Running for the Bay Marathon!

It will be with great honor that I will join Keith Brantly, one of the most accomplished distance runners in US history, in welcoming runners to this brand new weekend of races. To be able to take part in an event that brings in that caliber of talent is something which I can be extremely proud and flattered by.  I hope to find the time to pick Keith's brain and learn how he was able to stay so competititve over such a long period of time.

Moreover, I will be assisting in some of the actual details of the race, as I have been asked to be a consultant on some of the finer details.  That too is a considerable honor and one I am more than happy to provide.

With a course that offers virtually pancake flat running and long crossings of bridges over the Gulf of Mexico, there is plenty to see along the course and for those who like to run their marathons on level courses - it would be hard to imagine one much flatter.  In addition, running along the beach houses of St. George Island should be able to give us all a place to think about retiring to, or at least coming back to sink our toes in the sand once the race is over.

It is easy to see I am excited about spending a weekend down here  in an area of the country I have never before spent time.  Registration was once closed but given the demand by more runners to be able to get in this inaugural race, the directors have been convinced to reopen registration for a few more days.  Don't miss out on your opportunity to be part of what is sure to become a destination race for many!

Please come join me the Thursday before the race as I will not only be doing an all-day book signing at Panama City's own Freedom Sports but I will also host their Bridge Run at 6 PM.  For more information, contact Freedom Sports! 

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Running for the Bay Marathon on October 23rd!

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Running with Penny said...

Hey I just saw your post. This marathon will be my FIRST! I am coming up from Tampa with some friends and am getting pretty excited! Your post makes me feel better, as I have been a little nervous since it is the first Marathon they have done. GOOD LUCK with the preparations - you are so much appreciated!!!