Monday, August 31, 2009

93.9 miles

I don't even have enough fingers to count the close friends who have run 93.9 miles (or more) in one day. Unfortunately, for me, that equals the total mileage for the month of August 2009. Since I have been keeping track of my mileage, only in November of 2006, when I was running marathons 44-48 of the year, have I even come close to that few miles. My 114.8 miles that month only came on 8 runs (4 marathons and 4 two mile runs) too. But that what happens when you take a nose dive over Schwinnie Cooper.

But the bright side of things is that I am back to running. Sore, feeling supremely out-of-shape and wishing things did hurt, but running. Only twelve times in a month where I could have been getting majorly in shape I laced up my shoes with 28% of my total monthly mileage coming from Pikes Peak Marathon. And two of those times were today! (Ironically, in June, 36% of my monthly mileage came on one day as well at the Sawtooth Relay. Hmmmm).

But on a day when I earlier posted about Erik Skaggs going to the hospital I am happy to be running at all. Which leads me to an Erik update. Apparently he has been released from the hospital and while he is not completely out of the woods yet, looks like he will do just fine *fingers crossed*

And given that my posting about Erik was one of my most viewed blog postings ever, that just goes to show you what a tight knit group runners are. In fact, my mother added in an email today:

"I also made a note of Erik's situation and address....if everyone reading your blog sent $20.00 and a get well card, the man would be out of financial worries soon.....and have enough reading for a day or so !!!

Will do my part as soon as I send this to you.

Love ya, mommyR"

Even runners' moms are good people. :)

Here's to a super speedy recovery, Erik!


Mike C said...

I feel your pain [and some of my own]. After having a great year, I was limited to just 80 last month due to injuries... I didn't get my BQ, but enough is enough.

I've literally had one injury after another after a great Cherry Blossom... Thought I was going to have a marvelous year, but my motivation is at an all-time low with this pain and I simply can't go on. Might just have to pack the shoes up and bike for a month or so before putting in another effort for a December or January BQ attempt.

Not running a fair amount every day just doesn't feel right... I almost feel naked in a sense.

How have you run so much and been injured so little? Any secrets you'd like to share?

Dane said...

Mike C,

Sorry to hear about the injuries. Good luck on the BQ attempt.

I think some of my good luck comes from genetics but most comes from being a runner who knows what his body can handle and how I should not push it past that point. I detail some of that in the book I am currently working on.