Saturday, June 28, 2008

6 more miles of DesNews Marathon

After my bike ride yesterday night left me feeling so good, I decided to tackle a section of the Des News Marathon this morning in my little public service to those who are running this race but can't make it to Utah beforehand.

The section I would be tackling this time would be the long steady downhill that runner will experience from miles 9.25 to 15.5, through the pass called Emigration Canyon.

On a nice, bright and sunny morning (of which we have had 13 straight and the forecast calls for two more such weeks; holy no rain Batman!) I drove my car a few miles to the base of the pass and prepared for my run. already many cyclists and runners were in varying stages of going up and down this pass. I quickly joined them.

I knew the pass would not be as bad as the City Creek Canyon run I did last week which went up 1,500 feet in 5 miles. At "only" 983 feet in 6 miles, the climb would be a much more manageable 163 feet of up per mile. Now take note, the below elevation profile is my run for today but runners will only have to deal with the down part.

I still have to check out the first 8 miles, but that is going to require a driver. I have no desire to finish my run on an 1,500 foot, 6-mile climb.

Anyone interested in being my chauffeur?

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