Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to the Starting Line

I don't want to get on a plane.

I want to run this weekend and I would like to do so in an actual race.  However, I have limited options this Mother's Day weekend with even fewer options that I can drive to. You see, I just don't want to get on a plane.  I have spent too many damn weekends on a plane this year (and the past four years, really) and I just don't want to.  Even for like an hour. OK?  Don't WANT!

Fortunately for me, just a four hour drive away in Colorado is the Grand Valley Marathon put on by the Mammoth Marathons guys.  I have talked about them on numerous occasions as I have run three of their races: the Little Grand Canyon Marathon, the Little Grand Canyon Half and the Mesquite Marathon.

They alwasy seem to put on good, low-key events and I get along with them very well. So, it is off to Palisade, CO I go.

Which race will I run?  The full, the half, the 10k or the 5k?  Well, you can count out the latter two.  I never really had speed to begin with and after 6 months of building up my long slow endurance for AOR 202 I most assuredly don't have MORE of it now.  So that leaves me with a choice.  I surely do love marathons but I am not sure if I am ready for one just yet.  Does that mean I will be doing the half?  Honestly, I do not know.  It is going to be a decision I make Friday night when I sign up for the race.

In either case, I am sure I will have a blast. even when the Mesquite Marathon did not go my way this past November, it was still quite a beautiful course.  Little Grand Canyon has never disappointed and I have high hopes for Grand Valley.

Registration is still open for these races so if you are an impulsive registering for races, you may wish to check them out.  I will even bring  few books to sign for the assembled masses and hopefully make a few more friends.

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