Monday, July 5, 2010

Partnership with Lin Socks

One of the most obvious pieces of equipment we as athletes (more specifically, runners) need is our shoes.  (Granted, the barefoot runners would disagree but they still buy the Vibrams now don’t they?)  We spend plenty of time finding the perfect shoe for us, the proper weight and size and, perhaps if we care a little about style, might look for the snazziest colors and bells and whistles.  Research and hard work done on our feet coverings, we are sated.  Then we go and jam just about any sock we have in the drawer onto our foot without so much as thinking about how proper sockwear matters just as much as the shoe.  Seems pretty illogical but humans are, on the whole I have found, a pretty illogical species (and for those who call it the “male species” when you are trying to make a funny gender joke, please consult a dictionary.)

I spend a great deal of time product testing.  Not necessary at the behest of any company or product in particular but because I am always looking what fits me best for my athletic endeavors.  And by “fit best” I mean a balance between performance and cost.  For things that will last hopefully years (cars, bikes, etc.) I can swallow my frugal pride and lay out a few more dollars.  Items which last far less, and take a severe beating and therefore are needing to be replaced more often require me to look at both how they work and how they make my wallet lighter.

Fortunately for me, I found the perfect combination between substance style and cost when it comes to that piece of material between the oh-so-researched shoe and my oh-so-pounded upon foot.  From now on, when I reach into my sock drawer I don’t need to worry much which pair of socks I am pulling out as I will always be pulling out Lin socks.

I am beginning to diversify my athletics.  Primarily a road runner for years, I am taking to trails more often now.  Just a “marathoner”, if you will, I am testing the waters in sprints and ultras to balance out the scale.  Basically I was previously looking at nothing but running, but now I am venturing into triathlons, adventure sports and the entire gamut.  And with me will be my Lin socks.  I find them to be comfortable, lightweight and breathable.  I find myself never thinking about them when I wear them and really, isn’t that the point of socks?

Fortunately for me, my path has crossed with that of those at Lin socks and I am proud to be a sponsored Lin Socks athlete.  After trying a plethora of brands these appear to be the ones I will not be deviating from wearing anytime soon.  You too should get them a test run.  Not only is there free shipping with orders of $20 or more, if you use the promo code “DANE” you get an additional 10% off. Now I am speaking to not just your feet but your wallet and/or purse (or in the case of The Hangover, your satchel)!

Your feet deserve it.  Think of all they do for you.  Pay them back and get some Lin socks!

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