Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spartan Beast

I love me my marathons.  They have gotten me to where I am today.  But it is no secret I like to try all different kinds of races and course and disciplines (hence my foray into triathlons this year.) I have been itching for quite some time to throw my hat into the ring of the newest rage of races out there where obstacles courses, dirt and unknowns are standard. But where to start?

After spending my birthday weekend in Vermont and just loving the scenery, people and culture, I knew it was meant to be that the next week I ran into one of the organizers of the Spartan Race who told me about their Spartan Beast- the biggest race they offer- in Vermont! As such, in just one month I will be traveling back to Vermont (Killington, to be exact) to take part in the "10-12 mile Obstacle Race from Hell."

While the planner in me wants to know every inch of the course, it is, for the most part, unknown.  I do know that "Those who can climb well will be rewarded." and as I have not climbed in lord knows how long (and never had much upper body strength to begin with) I know I am in for a challenge.  I like challenges.

Registration fees go up after today so make sure you hop on in and take on fire jumps, watery dives, gladiator pits and lots of fun. 

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Anewmeforever said...

Having a bit of experience in these type of races, my best advice is DEFINITELY work on your upper body strength!! You will be VERY grateful you did :) I'm doing the Spartan in NYC in September. One of these days we will do some sort of race together!