Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stuffitts - a Product Review

There are few products in my apartment that I enjoy lugging into my suitcase with me everywhere I go than Stuffits.  Why do I enjoy them? ell let me explain.

I was fortunate enough to run into the CEO/Owner of Stuffitts, Michael Huebner at the Atlanta Marathon expo almost two years ago.  He was kind enough to present me with a gift of his product to give it a test run, if you will. I am always up for supporting smaller businesses and therefore was happy to give them a shot. I mean, Nike was started out of the back of someone's car so just because a product is not world-wide doesn't mean it isn't good, right?

Usually when I am home, wearing wet shoes is not a problem for me.  I have a large selection of shoes and rotate them rather often.  As such, I rarely wear the same pair on consecutive days. So, if rain, snow or sweat dampen my shoes, I would usually just stick them somewhere to dry and grab another pair.  However, the phrase "usually when I am home" does not apply to me all that often.  I am gone virtually every weekend of the year. Unless I want to bring four different pairs of shoes with me, I am probably going to experience some musty shoes. Fortunately, that is not the case when I bring Stuffitts with me.

I flew home from the Boilermaker 15k early yesterday.  My luggage decided it wanted to stay in New York and sight-see for a little bit longer.  One of the things idread most is not getting my stinky clothing unpacked from a race as soon as I get home from a flight. Instead of unpacking it at 2 PM when I got home, I got a call that my luggage was on my doorstep at 3 AM this morning.  I woke up, grabbed the bag and threw it in my living room before going back to bed.

Getting up this morning, I opened the suitcase and could smell the yuck.  Fantastic.  The sloppy wetness of the Boilermaker had drenched my clothes and even in a water resistant bag they were still letting odor out.  I grabbed my race shoes, which I had been wise enough to put my Stuffitts in prior to packing and...dry as a bone.  Smelling good too! The shoes had been trapped in my luggage for over 24 hours. Here they were ready to go. Stuffitts rock.

So, rather than just waiting for your shoes to dry, or jamming newspaper into them to soak up the water (something I used to do all the time when I lived in more humid Washington, DC) I would highly suggest investing in a pair of Stuffitts.  They go with me on every trip.

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April said...

My shoe supply is significantly smaller than yours I'm sure,;) and I live in the south where even on cooler days the humidity is rough on shoes...Love, love, love my Stuffits!