Thursday, July 21, 2011

St. Jude Memphis Marathon

It seems like a lifetime ago but back in 2004 I moved to Washington DC.  The impetus for this move was to be closer to the place I was going through a continual interview process with: the CIA. (No joke.) Wanting to stay in shape, I signed up for my third,and what I thought at the time would be my last, marathon - Marine Corps. Being so late to the game in signing up, one of the only ways to legitimately garner a spot in this race was to raise money for one of the affiliated charities. For a variety of reasons I chose to do so for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

To say the race did not go as planned is an understatement.  After a long summer of hot training, thinking I was more than prepared to go under 3 hours, I barely crossed the finish line a dehydrated mess. Perhaps it had to do with the heat.  Maybe it had to do with the humidity. More than likely it had something to do with me wearing both cycling pants underneath long non-breathable basketball shorts. At least I had a cool, wicking St. Jude singlet on to counterbalance my ignorance in running apparel. (I probably had wool socks on too - I don't recall.)

Somehow I survived and moved forward in my marathon career.  Now, finally, far too many years too late, I am happy to be working with the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis this December as not only a participant but also one of their guest speakers.

As my first marathon ever in Tennessee, I look forward to wonderful memories and a great time. I already know so many people who will be there and to bring my racing full circle like this is very warming to my heart.  If you too would like to be a St. Jude's Hero, please click HERE.  As their website says: "The St. Jude Half Marathon may be sold out, but you can still participate. Spots are being reserved in the half marathon for runners willing to commit to raising a minimum of $500 for St. Jude."

Please come join me in Memphis in December, run a great race and support a wonderful cause.

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Houston Wolf said...

As my hometown race, I've run the Memphis St. Jude half the last three years. This will be my first time at the St. Jude full. I'm excited that you'll be here during that time. I hope to see you on the course.