Friday, August 3, 2007

97 degrees

Not quite Nick Lachey but that is the predicted high for tomorrow for my race. Effin A, Cotton! So much for DC having a decent summer so far with regards to heat!

Hopefully it will stay 71 (the projected low) until like 11am. Then it can soar! :)

Look what happens to Dane when the temperature is only close to 75 degrees. (My arm at Sefair Marathon last year). Me at MCM when it wasn't even 70.

...and just because Brad mentioned Miami in 2006, here is what I looked like. I refuse to publish the final picture because I am with a woman who...well...has a few reasons you would stop looking at me and miss my point.

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Brad said...

Nice salt! That's what I looked like after the Miami Marathon in 2006. The question is....can you lick your arm and drink water as a replacement for gatorade??

Have fun at your 50k Saturday!