Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Cayman Islands Marathon Experience

When I was in the Caymans in December of 2006 to run the Cayman Islands Marathon, I was put in touch with a runner/author who was, amongst other titles, writing a book about the 2006 Cayman Islands Marathon.

I have since received a copy of that book and I have to say it is quite enjoyable. Malcolm Anderson (pictured below)has pieced together hundreds of responses form the runners of the race, as well as his own experience and research to mold the two into a perfect little reader. Never heady or dry, the book provides a glimpse not only into the history of this race but also the Cayman Islands themselves.

If you are looking for a quick read (it is only about 150 pages or so) with tons of photographs of people enjoying a race in paradise, check this book out. Its chapters flow very easily and quickly and before you know it you will be booking your next marathon destination to run in the sun, swim with stingrays and warm your soul in the winter.

Click on the the link HERE to take a look at the book and read an excerpt from within. You can also purchase the book from this link as well.

For proof of the beauty of this place, take a peek below at some of the fun I had.

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