Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My first few runs in Salt Lake city

So I am in Utah. Finally.

After a trip that started out smooth as butter and then went to hell in a handbasket (not quite but it could have) when weather closed down Route 80 in Wyoming, I arrived Saturday morning in my new home.

Between unpacking and trying to do all the things necessary to live in a brand new state, I have, of course, got some runs in.

When I first moved to Arlington, VA in July nearly four years ago (wow), I was not really the biggest runner in the world. I had only run 2 marathons, neither particularly impressive. I was in training for my third and was wondering where I run in the "big city". Little did I know of all the trails and running paths that are abound in the greater DC area. I most assuredly did not expect to find a paved running trail in my backyard that was an artery to miles upon miles upon miles of other running trials all throughout the city. I will not say that this trail helped turned me into the sort of runner that I am today but there is something to be said about stepping out your door and not having to worry about traffic or mile markers or anything else. Just go run.

So, having become so spoiled by this trail one of my main concerns in moving to Salt Lake City was to find something as convenient. Well, I have.

I now currently live across the street from Liberty Park, smack dab in the heart of SLC. With a 1.5 mile paved loop around the outside of the park it is simple as pie to crank out 6 miles then run a few feet home and call it a day. While my runs so far in my stay in SLC have not been very imaginative (and I know there are many more trails and paths to run and I can't wait to discover them all), they have been convenient. And there is much to be said for convenience.

For example, if I had to think about it, I may not have ventured out into the 15 degrees today to get a run in before work. Having never been a chap who enjoys to exercise in the morning, I simply cannot pass up this opportunity. Plus I would miss some fun exchanges. For example, this morning, as I neared passing a woman running in front of me (who was no slouch herself), I tried to come up with a little phrase of niceness to say as I passed her.

Me: "I wouldn't mind if it was a little warmer!"
Her: "I wouldn't mind running as fast as you but ain't neither happening today!"

She made a good point.


KLM said...

You ran in the morning before work?! wow.

That loop sounds great for short runs! Or tempo runs! Is it flat-ish? You could use it for longer intervals too! yay.

Fifteen degrees is brrr-cold though!

Anne C said...

Started out smooth as butter?! I would argue that it was only smooth as butter on the second day ;-)

Yay for the coolest park ever! I bet neighbor Jean is a runner. She looks really healthy. I'm sure she could keep up with you.

Sorry I packed your running clothes!

Dane said...

Two days in a row now! ME?!

KLM said...

I ran this morning too. (And, no, that wasn't on my schedule.) It really didn't seem that bad (for a morning run)!

Yellow Scuba said...

"I am not a morning runner." Hmmm...I've heard you say that many times, so this is very cool. I'm glad your job is so close that you have time in the morning to run and eat breakfast, all before your short commute.

The park loop sounds like a great place to run; just long enough to get some good miles in when you want, but short enough to never be far from home. Have fun. Stay warm. :)