Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Running in Phoenix

For the next two weeks I get to enjoy the wonderful sun of Phoenix. I did not even bring a jacket. If I am going to be cold, well then damn it I am going to be cold. But I refuse to wear a jacket. I will be like Phil Collins in 1986.

Why, just two weeks after I moved to SLC am I in Phoenix?, you ask. (I heard you. Don't lie). Because I am here for work! I am getting my feet wet and I am extremely excited. To finally be part of the race directing business is weird and exhilarating. I have never even watched a race I wasn't running in (couldn't stand to be there and not run) let alone just race direct. Heck, I even directed the Drake Well Marathon as I was running it!

Most of all I am enjoying the weather. Speaking of which, it just hit me the lunar eclipse is happening in like 7 minutes. Excuse me while I go check that out!

I am back. Damn you cloud cover! Most of the Phoenix night sky was rather clear. Except to the east and the south. You know, where the moon would be. Drats. Luckily, I have friends in cloud free areas. (Thank you Anne! Of course, without completely verifiable documentation certified by NASA I know that some of the readers of this blog will doubt this is actually what it is. I am a big liar, you know.)

So where was I? Oh yes, the weather. with a one hour break in the action, I decided to grab a quick run. Nothing fancy, just out of the subdivision we were staying in, down the street and back. Only problem is that once I got to the gate of the subdivision I realized there was no way through. While I am a fatty I am apparently not heavy enough to trigger the doors leading out of the complex. And the pedestrian gate is locked. From both sides. Hope there is never a fire!

Well, I am too lazy to run back and get the gate opener, so I decided to just scale the fence. I figured the cameras on either side of the fence would not mind a person trying to LEAVE the premises. So down the road I go. I run for a bit thinking about how I am going to get back in. I know there was another entrance that pedestrians could enter in but am unsure if it is locked. I also notice that the cross streets have LONG red lights. SO when I get to one of them after about 2.5 miles, I figure I will not bother with waiting and just head home. Who knows how much longer I will have to run to find the entrance to into Castle Grayskull anyway?

But lo and behold, as I came upon the DMZ entrance of my home for the next fortnight, I noticed a car exiting. Sure enough, the gates stood gaping open. I began my sprint. With visions of dismemberment dancing in my head, I escaped the closing maw of the gates unscathed.

So a little shorter than I previously wanted, I was till able to enjoy a 5.25 mile run in the warm 69 degree weather of Arizona.

Then it was back to work. And for those wondering, I have been keeping up on my promise to read a book a week. I just haven't had the chance to write recaps yet. They are coming I swear.


KLM said...

*Happy blog.
*Enjoy the fantasic AZ weather.
*I heart elevation profiles.

Bryon Powell said...

Hey Dane,
Yoo bad that you'll probably be super swamped next weekend. I'm flying out to Arizona next Friday to run the Old Pueblo 50 just south of Tucson.

Good luck with your first big RDing gig!

Yellow Scuba said...

Enviable weather for a run! Glad you are making the most of this trip, and that you'll really get to see what the RD thing is all about. Baptism by fire, I think. :) Have fun!

Too bad you missed that eclipse!