Thursday, August 19, 2010

BUFF headgear - Product Review

One of the many companies I spoke with at the Outdoor Retail show a few weeks ago had a very simple product- a stretchy headband-type accessory that could be worn a variety of different ways called BUFF.

Whenever a product claims to have a various number of forms all which can be done with a simple twist of this or turn of that, I think it seems a little gimmicky.  (e.g., BUFF claims to be able to be used as headband, cap, pirate hat, hairband, Scarf, wristband, bandanna, balaclava, mask).  No granted, in 100 degree weather on my run the other day in Salt lake city, I had no use to see how it worked as a balaclava but I have to say I was quite impressed with its use as a simple headband.

While the air was dry in Utah on my nearly 10 mile run, I was nonetheless sweating as I climbed hills up to 5,000 and beyond.  I had taken the seamless product the nice people at BUFF had allowed me to test and doubled it over to form a headband.  I was surprised that it not only held its tightness around my head but also wicked away all the sweat that rolled off of my forehead and kept it away from my eyes.  While the base model I had was not the High UV Protection Buff® that will block at least 93% of UV rays, I was happy to know that sort of protection was out there.

The pattern of the "Get Out There" Buff I wore.

This really as a simple but effective product.  Not bad at all, BUFF!  4.5 SeeDaneRuns out of 5!

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