Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunglasses Straps - Product Review

At the Outdoor Retail show here in Salt Lake last week, I was fortunate enough to receive some products to test and pass my review on to my readers.  Over the next few weeks, as I actually do get a chance to test them fully, I will be posting reviews here.

First up, are three separate types of Sunglasses straps: Hides, NexStraps and Trog.  I will review these alphabetically.

Hides: These straps have everything typial straps do but a nice added feature.  The straps have an eyewear case/cleaner that quickly rolls back into shape after each use.  you can use it to clean the glasses off, store them in it to protect from scratching, pull it quickly off and have it go back into being a strap.  Presto!

The cover portion of the strap can also detach via two small clickie things (I think those words are trademarked), although I am not 100% sure why I would want to do that. Hides has a few different models, some which are more float-able than others and some which offer other qualities as well but I did not have a chance to try those models out on my sunglasses.

NexStraps: NexStraps had a feature which never had hit me would be needed before.  Sure the sunglasses strap helps you hold the sunglasses around your neck but if they were to be blown off your face while you were say rafting or cycling, then there is nothing to sop them from flying away.  NexStraps has a fancy addition that goes around your neck to keep that from happening, as well as breakway safety release so that the strap won't choke you.

Like certain models of Hides, NexStraps will float your sunglasses so if they come off they can be found.

Trog: Trog creates a few products, one of which is their sunglasses strap. The biggest difference between this strap and the others was EyeTrog which is where the sunglasses attach to the strap.  An adjustable cut-away portion can make the strap snug to the sunglasses.  I felt this was a nice touch that neither of the other two straps had.

Plus their website was fun.  OK, that has zero to do with the actual product but it is indeed something worth mentioning.

They are all fine products and each has carved out a little niche in their own right. they all serve their purpose just fine, although I have to admit I did not test them in a full gale winds, but I did take a spin on my bik with all of them dangling from my neck to test to see how they held on.

I give them all 4 SeeDaneRuns out of 5.