Thursday, August 5, 2010

Partnership with K-Swiss

One of the things many have noticed who follow my workouts on is how I have begun working out more on the bike and in the pool.  While doing both of these types of workouts was part of plan I had in place after I finished my 202 miler to try and heal some nagging little aches and pains, the other part of the plan was to begin my quest to take on the triathlon world.

As such, I am happy to announce that helping me on my way to taking on the tri world will be the company K-Swiss. No stranger to working with fantastic athletes, K-Swiss has amongst its stable of triathletes Chris Lieto, Bree Wee, Matt Reed and Belinda Granger just to name a few.  When you wish to be one of the best you aim to be in the company of the best. While I most assuredly have my work cut out for me in this arena, I am greatly looking forward to taking my swimming background, coupling it with the running base I have built over the past 5 years and throw in just a dash of cycling to help to try and create the perfect tri-monster.

I will definitely still be very much a part of the marathon/running world but I think now is the time to begin the push towards competitive triathlon.  I am extremely excited that K-Swiss will be with me as I take my very first steps.  Of course, as much as I love her (and I know you do too) this means that soon the end will come for Schwinnie Cooper, my beloved Sherman Tank of a bicycle who took me to a first place overall win in my first ever triathlon two years ago.

However,while she will be missed, the time has come to progress.  Stay tuned as I take on this new chapter in my life with K-Swiss by my side!

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