Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Year Later

Last year, I was flying high.  I had just, in consecutive weekends, qualified for the US Aquathlon National team and successfully directed the revised Drake Well Marathon. In an effort to keep my legs fresh for the upcoming Pikes Peak Marathon, but still itching to exercise I went for a little bike ride and couldn't imagine anything going wrong. (This is what really good writers do- it is called foreshadowing!)

PROOF I may not be that smart!
Then I got hit by a car.  One Grade III AC separation later and a great deal changed.  While I still was able to run the Pikes Peak marathon as my 100th marathon (potentially one of the most stupid decisions I have ever made) things were now very different.

I was barely able to run the month of August, which hindered my last attempt of the year of setting a new personal best in the marathon.  I then went right into my long-distance training for my 202 miler, which came and went successfully (more so that I could have ever hoped.) Next thing I know, it is August and it has been a complete year since that injury.

Well, the shoulder still pops up a little bit and every once in a while in the shower the soap hits that bump and goes flying.  But it the bump is no where near as big.  Back in May I decided I wanted to start supplementing my running so I took back to the pool for the first time in months.  The shoulder held up great, surprising even me.  It was so good that it helped fuel the fire of me wanting to get into triathlons.

Kept tiny so you needn't look at the body fat.
When I did the Lunatic Triathlon at the end of June I had to admit I had quite a bit of trepidation about getting on the bike for the first time since my accident, especially since I would be riding my bike as fast as I had ever ridden it before - and at night.  But I survived unscathed.

Now, one year later, my life is taking off in a different direction. I will still be running quite a great deal and have many more grandiose plans in store but with my partnership with KSwiss I expect to take on triathlons full steam ahead and be very successful in doing so.

Yes, my arm was yellow.
However, most importantly, I kept my head up when things seemed quite bleak.  I almost missed my long planned 100th marathon. I did lose my chance to go to Australia for the first time ever.  I added another shoulder/collarbone injury to the left side of my body which does not need any more (I have broken that collarbone twice growing up,  and in a rugby game back in law school ripped the muscles in my left bicep and torn four tendons in my left elbow all while dislocated it as well.)

But I kept my chin up.  I have learned so much from so many other people who themselves have had to deal with tough times that I refused to be beaten.  Sure I was upset and had a little bit of the "why me?" syndrome. Yet, I pushed forward.  One year later, with setbacks galore, I am on the cusp of taking my life in a brand new and exciting direction.  I only got here by putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to move onward with the dreams I have regardless of the circumstances around me.

It's the only way I know how to function.

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