Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marathon Makeover Marathon

While the title of this posting may seem to have come from the department of Redundancy Department I swear it makes sense.

This past January, while at the Mississippi Blues Marathon in Jackson, MI I struck up a conversation with a runner and fellow lawyer named Pam. Pam and I maintained communication over the following months and during that time I was introduced to a program that she is involved with called Marathon Makeover. A 40-week marathon-training and wellness program under the leadership of Mark and Robin Simpson, is in its sixth year helping ordinary people do the extraordinary — train for and finish a marathon!

An unbelievably affordable program, especially given what it will do for people for 3/4 of a year, I was immediately enamored with the idea and wanted to support it. Due to lots of creative thinking and hard work, I am happy to announce I will be doing just that this October at the 1st Annual Marathon Makeover Marathon! With a book signing and a running of the Marathon, I hope to inspire as many people as possible to take on this wonderful sport that I so love.

As many of you have heard and I am sure Mississippians (?) are tired of hearing, the Magnolia State is the country's fattest state. But with the Mississippi Blues Marathon's continued growth and its title sponsor of Blue Cross Blue Shield promoting good health and good eating coupled with this new marathon and program in 4 cities in Mississippi, the commitment is there to end that trend. I applaud those in the area and am proud to be part of their hopeful resurgence to health and well-being.

In addition, I may also have the opportunity to meet, speak and exercise with the Mississippi Heat Triathlon Club. I will have more details about this as it develops!

It is hard to see, with so many fit people in just the greater Jackson area alone, how the battle to beat the bulge will not succeed! So get out there and exercise Mississippi and I will see you often in the upcoming months!

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