Monday, September 28, 2009

Stillwater Marathon 2010

I love irony. Especially when it is used correctly. (N.B. Alanis Morrisette's song "Ironic" is not a good example of that.) Just last week, I posted about Running with Headphones and in that post I had a picture of me running the inaugural Stillwater Marathon. Well just a day or so later, I was able to confirm that I will once again be attending, running and speaking at this fantastic race on the banks of the St. Croix River.

If you missed my recap of the this race, click HERE.

After seeing what those involved did with the first year of this marathon, I am extremely excited to be a part in the expansion of Year Two and beyond. In fact, my part will start this weekend when I travel to the Twin Cities Marathon to sign books out of the Stillwater Marathon's booth. I will be there to talk about my experiences at the race and how this should be one put on your calendar. One of the greatest things I have enjoyed the most about dealing with the Stillwater people is there undeniable desire to make things better in 2010. They are leaving no stone unturned in their quest on how to get the word about about their race, what needs to improve and what needs to stay the same. That drive and determination, not necessarily to make things bigger but actually better is why I will be returning next year.

Too bad it falls on the day before my birthday or I could uses its miles to keep up my Ages in Miles Run on My Birthday streak. Maybe I could amend my own rule. Or maybe it will be a marathon on Sunday and 34 miles on Monday! I may just feel like this.


Bart said...

I don't know, Dane, posting about the Stillwater Marathon and then getting an invitation to run/speak there doesn't really strike me as ironic--it's more like one of life's happy coincidences. This is no "death row pardon two minutes too late."

zdesmond said...

So, how exactly is this irony?

Dane said...

Glad we are focusing on the main topic, guys. But since situational irony is when the result of an action is contrary to the expected effect, and while some would see a post about the race would prompt an invite (which is not what happened), the result of me mentioning the Stillwater Marathon did not have the expected effect of me then almost immediately posting about it again.

Bart said...

Ha ha. What can I say, we're lawyers. I think we're going to have to litigate whether the current use constitutes "irony." I would not have expected that the last post would have prompted an invitation. Further, it didn't prompt a contrary response--which in this case would have been, perhaps, a cancellation of an invitation. Instead, it didn't prompt a response at all, but something else did prompt such a response. That's a coincidence. It's sad, but I think this is fun. To the main point, congrats on the new speaking gig, but I figure that goes without saying because you line those up all the time.

Dane said...

Us lawyers suck. :)

Congrats are very much appreciated. Especially when it is a repeat performance at somewhere I have already been. That means they like the end product!